Going Up

Last night I dreamt I was to meet Meghan C. on the top floor of a place that was half Milwaukee Public Museum and half Miller Stadium, both places I associate to have a perfect mixture of boredom and fun, but in my dream, I was extremely excited.

I had many items I wanted to carry with me and opting not to take the time to put it all in a bag for easy transport, I cradled them all awkwardly in my arms, kind of like I do in real life on a quick trip through the grocery store that ends up being more, and instead of going back to the front to grab a basket, I shuffle through the isles with assorted fruits, cans and floppy bags spilling and rolling from the confines of my embrace. Because of the amount of stuff I was carrying, I decided to take the elevator instead of the stairs.

The elevator went up and opened up to the top floor, where Meghan was waiting, but the elevator was not aligned and I could only see Meghan’s feet through a crack. The rest of the door opened up to the cold cement skeleton of the building that was never meant to be seen.

It was impossible for me to crawl out, the crack was too small. I decided in the least, I could push my items through the crack to Meghan. I slid a cordless phone, some books and pens, and a one piece swimsuit, white with shiny pink polka dots. The swimsuit didn’t make it through and slid between the elevator and the shaft, and fell below. Before I could think about how to retrieve it, the elevator began to creek and slip.

Terrified, I looked for something to hang onto. I saw a strap dangling above me, and as the elevator fell beneath my feet, I jumped to grab onto it.

I was now dangling high from the top of the elevator shaft. I could see the door to the top floor above me and the dark drop below, and the sparkle of the swimsuit laying at the bottom.

I’m terrified of heights, in real life, and in my dreaming life. I panicked and began to swing my body back and forth, and I kept swinging until I came to a momentum that I felt if I released the strap, I might possibly catapult into the top floor entrance, which I eventually did and landed safely on my hands and knees. I woke up sweaty and upset.

What’d you dream about last night?

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1 Response to Going Up

  1. Great description of a terrifying nightmare. I’m glad you landed safely.


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