Community Guidelines

Quan Yin, Goddess of Mercy and Compassion

I welcome every opinion and carry immense appreciation for all who take the time to comment, however to keep the level of openness and peace I strive to create within my  blog home, I intend to keep “clutter free”, and will be taking the trash out on a regular basis.

I will not hesitate to remove a post that I feel:

  • is hurtful
  • is not pertinent to the topic at hand
  • is profane in nature
  • threatens the life or harm of any persons or other living creatures
  • carries even the slightest hint of racism, sexism, homophobic tendencies
  • is used to solicit and/or advertise personal blogs and websites
  • is linked to thread spamming
  • is posted for the sole intent of making someone angry

Keep swear words to a minimum when commenting. I love swearing, especially at parties, but I noticed it makes people twitchy. I appreciate the art of a good solid swear word to garnish a sentence or two, but please only use it if you feel it’s absolutely necessary. I do however take offense when God or Jesus are brought into the context of your swear word, so don’t do that unless you want your post deleted.

Also, you are welcome to contact me in private, if you really feel you just can’t contain yourself within these limits:

annalenorestone _at_

Thank you for your sweetness and understanding.

2 Responses to Community Guidelines

  1. Jami says:

    This may be a strange place for a comment, but very well said! Your point is direct with the right amount of eloquence. I’m also fond of your use of common/generic guidelines, along with issues that may set you off personally. That’s totally cool. I realize this isn’t a post or anything, but it’s still an enjoyable read, especially (althought I’m sure not exclusively) to a fellow bloggist.


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