We won’t be traveling to the seaside this spring. I stumbled upon these photos and my heart broke with this actualization. I love the warm sun, salt air, and the smell of botanicals. Who doesn’t? I believe most, if not all, feel called to the sea. The sea carries the same elements our bodies do: sodium, chlorine, magnesium, sulfide, calcium and potassium. Returning to the sea has become a yearly Mecca for our land-locked family, a re-immersing that balanced our systems, both physical and spiritual. The sound of water and wind mute the thoughts that worry us. Soft sands cushion our falls when we fail at our attempts to walk on our hands. Warm winds invoke a playfulness that remains dormant more than I’d like it to. Dolphins swim to the shoreline for a closer look, perhaps to see what we are laughing and squealing at. We laugh at nothing but the joy of being alive, well and at the sea.

We will find other antics to celebrate the return of warmer times. Also, the year isn’t over, yet. The world will always be our oyster and magic resides within the folds of uncertainty.


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