Things That Help Write Your Thesis

1.) The day off with nothing planned BUT writing your thesis: A friend or two may try to tempt you, not intentionally of course, to wander off track. Stand affirmative that you will be writing and that come May, you will be better able to accompany them to Target or attend kirtan.

Crochet Shawl: Mom's crafting days, Hippy Puff Blouse: SalvationArmy, DesertShorts: T.J.Maxx, WhitePuffWarmers: ValueVillage

Crochet Shawl: Mom’s crafting days, Hippy Puff Blouse: SalvationArmy, DesertShorts: T.J.Maxx, WhitePuffWarmers: ValueVillage

2.) Lucky outfit: A lucky outfit consists of attire you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing in public, but you love wearing in the comfort of your own home. Pajamas do not work, because they will make it too easy for you to sleep. It should be an outfit that will double as both a way to frighten the UPS man when he comes to deliver a package, and a way to keep you where you are dedicated to stay for the day, at home. I have many of these outfits.


3.) Yerba Matte: A nice pot of it that you can brew several times over.


4.) Bubble water and trusty companion: The companion will make certain you go out for a breath of fresh air at least every couple of hours when they have to do their thing. The bubbles in the bubble water will rise to your brain, bringing to you feelings of euphoria because it is more interesting than drinking regular water.


5.) Thai Lime & Chili Cashews: They sting with enough spice to make you feel alive, and please you with enough nut butter to help you write with passion.


6.) And lastly, the Squatty Potty: Has nothing to do with anything other than it’s funny. I’m laughing right now knowing it’s in my bathroom.

Do these things really help with writing? -you ask: Absolutely not.

If you have a lucky outfit, tell me what makes it lucky. If you own a Squatty Potty, I’d be interested in knowing about that too.

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3 Responses to Things That Help Write Your Thesis

  1. Anna Banks says:

    There are a lot of things that inspire us to write and there are also a lot of things around us that make us feel comfortable which help a lot in writing. One great example is a friend of mine, Karlo; he loves to write while listening to music. The music is like the air the makes his pieces breathe.


    • clutterheart says:

      I like that. I just recently found music I could write to. The songs either have to have lyrics in a language I don’t understand or have no lyrics at all. I’d be interested to know what music Karlo likes to write to. Thanks for your comment.


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