Beach Day

I forgot about the angels, and when I went to sleep, they reminded me that they were still here and told me to take my vitamins; vitamin B-12 to be specific.


E. bought the cat another round of medication and told me he is arranging to pick them up in two weeks. This was delightful news and I’m cuddling them a little more, knowing that these animals will be too far away for me to cuddle very soon.

{Lelu cried all night last night, and I don’t know why.}

While speaking to my mom about my plans to move closer, she insisted that I not think about that anymore. She told me to just be excited about my wedding; to just concentrate on my wedding.

Deciding what to do to help my mom will be a process, one that can’t be tailored and planned the way I would like it to be, but more of a day to day, moment to moment experience that will unfold, and I have to be willing to go with it.

I needed a beach day to get my head on straight.

There in the sand,  I set together a few goals to keep me from drowning in nightmares about moving back home. One was instigated by a mother I overheard talking to her twin daughters. She was preparing them for college and was emphasizing laundry, and how they will be responsible for doing their own. She told them that they will only wash 2 loads a week, one light and one dark, so anything that might fall in between should not be taken with them. She wanted them to concentrate on their studies, not their laundry. She emphasized that they shouldn’t spend much time and energy on laundry at all and that fashion should not be their forte while in school. She ended her lecture by boasting  about how when she was in school, she just sported one pair of ripped up jeans.

I love fashion, and I love my clothes, and when I was in school, this was even more fun, because I had roommates to swap attire with. But maybe that’s why I wasn’t the best student…I had too much laundry.

I’m considering giving myself the same laundry challenge and pulling together a wardrobe that only consists two loads of laundry, one light and one dark, to be done weekly.

Right now, I have enough clothes to be able to go months without laundering them, and I have done so in the past. It will be hard, but I might be able to do this. I’m not going to place money on it, but I’ll try. That’s my first goal.

My second goal is, I’m going to try to start taking my vitamins again. I used to be really good at it, and my face glowed, my hair was shiny, and I had an amazing amount of energy while I was taking them, but I got sick of swallowing them after about 6 months of dutifully doing so. Even if I can get one good multi down a day, I will be proud.

Third, I’m also going to try to focus on the good in my life. It’s got to happen, and the one thing I do know for sure is that practice may or may not make perfect, but it will make things better than they were without it.

Thanks for putting up with my “whiney writer” persona. Ashamed as I may be, I’ll try not to go there again, but I’m not making any promises.

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  1. Kathi Miller says:

    A new day, a new attitude. Much better!


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