Independence Day

If my mom was responsible for dressing me, this what I would look like:

If you’re wondering, I am wearing a gold-sequence-baseball-hat paired with a silver-sequenced-studded-acid-washed-shoulder-padded-denim-suit-set.

Mom refuses to give them away since she claims to have spent a lot of money for them at a high-end boutique.

She also insists that I take them and wear them and promises me that many people will be impressed and will offer me compliments. My question to her is, “Then, why don’t you wear them?”

This is what my rear end looks like in the pants:

Bill assured me that it’s only these pants that shape my rear end in this fashion, and I can only hope that he didn’t just say that to keep me from continuing to whine after I saw this picture.

I left the outfit with my mom.

Last week, my aunt came to town to buy my mom a new television. Bill and I went down to pick her up from the airport and assist with the purchase and the setting up of the TV… and to visit with my aunt of course.

Now that Auntie went back home, Mom can’t figure out how to work the beautiful television.

From here, Bill and I headed North into Bear Country.

Are you impressed with my mom’s boutique finds? I’m sure I can finagle them out of her house and to you if you would like them for your own. 


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2 Responses to Independence Day

  1. blueiris78 says:

    OH ANNA Those are called “MOM JEANS” lol! i COULD probably secretly pass some your way from my own mother also! lol shhhhhhhh… lol lol lol


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