100 Mes and 100 Yous

{She came to me in my dream, though she was not welcome there. I was infuriated with her ignorance and with M. as well for bringing her to begin with. A big honcho lady from the 4th floor offices criticized me for my temperamental outbreak. Regardless, I cried openly out of frustration, hurt and anger, but mostly because I was reminded of her and I woke up choking on my sobs.}

275 miles away, the sun still shines on sparkling waters, and footprints of my ghost stand out on the sidewalk that leads down to the dock. Water lines border the sunburn on my legs, sleepy sandwiches and games, life’s last resort before boredom takes you and holds you tight until you finally come to terms with it, maybe even prefer it to its alternative.

It’s boredom that led me to wonder about the mechanisms of a dragonfly, as it hovered over to see me, turning it’s head to and fro, like a robot spy, seeing 100 mes laughing at the 100 yous because 100 of you said something funny.

We ate watermelon and listened to frogs that sang like men in their selected choirs.  There in the swamp grass, they sounded out their manliness and responded with more manliness, the way only big frogs can. We never see them; they hide in silence when we come close, and so we’ll never know if they even really exist at all, except someone had told us that this was so, and we chose to believe them.

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5 Responses to 100 Mes and 100 Yous

  1. Laurie says:

    Anna, this post is a beautiful prose poem. Thanks for sharing it!

    • Thanks Laurie, I’ve got to get my lazy butt on your comment section with your blog; I have been keeping up with you though, just at a loss for words these days. I’m getting better though and should be at it again in no time.

  2. Love the photo and the reminder that summer is all too fleeting.

  3. Jackie says:

    Anna, this is just gorgeous. The 100 mes in the eyes of the dragonfly – the way your imagination soars – this is one of the many reasons I love you.

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