Fanciful Distractions

This morning we made it to the pet store. I’m thinking of becoming a cherry shrimp hobbyist. I want to grow aqua flora and keep shrimp in there. Maybe it’s just another project that seems simple, but is not.

This particular pet store did not have cherry shrimp in stock.

I am an expert at finding strange distractions when work needs to be done, but I’m glad it’s cherry shrimp this time, and not what it would feel like to jump from a fourth floor window, like it was when I was working at that one place.

What’s your current fanciful distraction? A trip to the islands, a new pair of boots? Tell me.

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1 Response to Fanciful Distractions

  1. blueiris78 says:

    My fanciful distraction is Winning Tickets to Summer Festivels, I gotta win sometimes right? 🙂


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