Secret Island Nostalgia

Every year for the past 5 years, Bill and I have escaped to a secret island, and I can’t say where it is, since it’s a secret.

This year, we’ve opted not to go since we’re saving money for our wedding.

I nostalgically looked through a few pictures today. There’s no electricity, cars or even bikes allowed on the island. It gives me the truest sense of peace being there. Nothing to worry about except fixing food over the fire, swimming, painting, dancing and watching the sun set and the stars at night. Last year, the moon was full, and sent many soft beams of light down through the trees. It made it look like we were under the sea.

I’ll miss it this year, but I look forward to our wedding. We still haven’t picked a date, but we know it will be next Spring/Summer. We also haven’t picked what, where or how? We tossed around Hawaii, an afternoon BBQ at a park around here, maybe possibly the secret island I’m speaking of (it’s kind of roughing it up there, and also our secret island wouldn’t be a secret anymore, and others who are in on the secret would most probably frown as we trample all over the pristine island with our weddingness).

Last night my mom suggested Florida. Then, we could invite our relatives in Atlanta and we will all be warm and comfortable.

I suppose we better get planning soon then. Here’s a few pictures I painted on the island, and one picture of the view from one of our campsites. I woke up to a cool wind one morning and came out of my tent just on time to witness swans majestically making their way around the bend. That was the first time I saw swans in the wild. I want to post more pictures, but then I’d be afraid that you’d figure out where the secret island is and then I will be banned from there for letting the secret leak.

Anyone have any ideas for a simple wedding on the cheap? Let me know if you do, and if you seem like the kind of person who would appreciate the island and respect its peaceful qualities (no frat parties), maybe I’ll let you in on the secret.

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13 Responses to Secret Island Nostalgia

  1. Kathi Miller says:

    Whatever, wherever you are married remember that it’s a special day for the two of you, but it’s just one day in your lives. Invite only those closest to you, forget obligations to relatives you don’t like or never otherwise see. Keep it simple and affordable. Celebrate your relationship in a way that’s meaningful to you.

    My husband and I married 33 years ago in a small civil ceremony on UW Madison campus in a free room in the Union (because I was still in school) accompanied by a graduate brass quintet (my classmates). The brief ceremony was followed by a cocktail party in the same room. We spent our money on the wedding rings which we designed and still love today. I never wanted the big white dress and a church wedding would have been hypocritical. I designed and made a lavendar dress for $30 and gave my friend (who was standing up for me) a piece of the material telling her to buy whatever she wanted to wear. She wore a pretty flowered dress and we both wore flowers in our hair because it was 1978! My husband and I are just as married as others who went into debt to have the big blowout affair. It’s your wedding, enjoy it!

    • Your wedding sounds perfect! Just reading took a lot of pressure away from my chest, phew! Cocktail party, maybe a few hour de ours, and an ice sculpture. No probably not the ice sculpture. Designer rings would be great! I love my engagement ring, and can’t wait to add the band but Bill is having a difficult time thinking of wearing one, he’s not a big jewelry fan and I’m alright with him doing without one, because I think he might look weird with one on for some reason. Thanks for the ideas Kathi.

      • Kathi Miller says:

        We have never worn our rings 24/7 because they can get damaged. I suggest having Bill choose an interesting ring he would want to wear on special occasions. That way you can exchange rings at your ceremony and imbue the positive energy of the event into your rings. You don’t know what your life will be like 20 or 30 years from now. He may regret not having a ring.

    • cwab says:

      I like the idea of rings for a special occassion. Or you can get titanum rings like we did, super light weight and nothing will damage them. I do think a ring on my finger has helped me navigate many social situations. Do what feels right for you.

  2. cwab says:

    Paul and I were married 4 years ago in a place that had meaning to us ( the city in which we met, the place I grew up, and it was full of beauty). It was in Homer, MN at a little park that overlooked the Mississippi River along the river bluffs. Simple. Beautiful. We had only immediate family there and a few friends ( I think total was 14 people). My dog was my ring bearer. My mother was not invited. I rode up on a wagon pulled by 2 Belgian horses, my father walked me up to a circle where the wedding party was gathered and Paul and I walked into the center and had our wedding. It was devine. We wrote our own vows, it was over in 10 minutes, then we had a ride in the wagon and started drinking. I wore a dress I got on clearance for $150, although would probably choose something else today ( I didn’t have much attachment or visions of a dress so I didn’t look very hard). Afterward we did go out to dinner with family (his parents paid for that), then invited any friend or family to party with us at IrishFest in LaCrosse all weekend long. It was a blast. I wore my dress the whole night and trashed it running around the streets of LaCrosse for the fest and dancing with friends until 4am. It was perfect (except the heat of August).

    We went on a honeymoon in Oct with our dog in which we did a 5,000 roundtrip through Canada and ended up in Newfoundland before coming back. Beautiful. It was so us, and did not cost much money.

    • I love this. I’ll just swap out the horses for a unicorn ice sculpture. The roadtrip sounds amazing. It must have been like a roadtrip to the end of the world, and when you returned, you began your lives together! That’s beautiful. I do want to do something like that with Bill, just the two of us out there in the world for a while. No phones, emails, distractions from work, just us and the world and all it’s adventure and beauty! I also like the circle instead of rows of pews sort of deal. I’m using that for sure. Writing our own vows would be fun as well. Bill will probably make a comic strip vow. Thanks Heather.

  3. cwab says:

    Let me clarify- I wrote wedding party- but I meant the people who were at our wedding. We had family and friends form a circle around us and we each had 2 people in the wedding “party” who also stood at different points in the circle with the attendees.

  4. Amber says:

    Dan and I got married at Paradise Springs in Kettle Moraine. It is a place we both really like and absolutely beautiful. We went two days after I changed my name at the courthouse. We got ready at the house together and drove there but there were some people there so we went to his parents and grabbed their camera as we had forgotten ours. We also stopped for lunch at the Arby’s drive through and ate in the parking lot when I got BBQ sauce on my borrowed white goodwill dress. I wore an old pair of cream flats, a blue bra, and a necklace I had never worn before that I counted as “new”. We drove back and walked around the park until everyone was gone and then took some pictures of us around the spring house and Dan took a picture of me “walking down the aisle” – waddling towards him on the path to the spring house. We said our vows to each other with God and a nearby fish as our witnesses. Then we kissed and exchanged rings. I felt there should be another witness so when I spotted a hawk later, I decided he also was part of our ceremony. After a few more pictures the camera died so we headed to a gas station for some juice, an energy drink, and fresh batteries. We went back to the park and took some pictures and headed again to Dan’s parent’s house to announce the real reason I was wearing a white dress in February. They had thought it was a bit odd the first we were over. Dan’s dad was grilling steaks for his Friday night cooking and made us a lovely meal. The next weekend we joined them again for Friday night cooking and his mom surprised us with a little wedding cake. Not counting the meals his parents bought, the whole thing cost less than $50.

  5. Amber says:

    Also, I’d love to know your secret location.

  6. Triplicity says:

    I got married 19 years ago on top of a small mountain in Jamaica. This was before destination weddings were popular. We wanted something small, private and outdoors. It was very meaningful to both of us. So, be sure to pick a location that will be important for the two of you.

    Also, we are hoping to re-new our vows next year but traveling to Jamaica might not be in the budget. Perhaps just a small weekend camping might be okay for us. I’d love to know your secret location.

    • On top of a mountain in Jamaica sounds wonderful. I always dreamed of being on top of a mountain for my wedding, in a phat pair of sweet hiking shoes. Thanks for sharing, I will email you the secret location. Maybe you’ll have your second wedding there? I think it would be perfect. It’s magic there.

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