Tap Dancing Squirrels Leaping From the Sky

It’s warm enough to sleep with the windows open again. I always sleep better in fresh cool air, but the birds were up and a chattering by 4am, and I was woken by their songs. They sounded anxious and it rubbed off on me, so I got up.

When my mom called at 6am, like she always does (or earlier), for the first time in a long time I was prompted and ready to answer the phone. I was delighted to hear that she rode on the back of her neighbor’s motorcycle yesterday and loved it. Also, she was receptive to a hurt in my heart, and unlike the simple things that normally pass in and out of her mind, she was present for me and had wonderful motherly advice and words of comfort, which was exactly what I needed.

I went to CapeCod and heard a ruckus above. The owners of this duplex are tied into a combination of persons to me: landlady/lord + friends + future-sister/brother-in-laws = makes for a happy house. Anyway, they were up here joining me in a birthday martini the other evening and asked if I heard squirrel feet above, since squirrels had nested there last year, in the attic that is. I said no. But this morning I realized, they must just ruckus around in the early-early hours, because they were acting crazy and doing what sounded like tap dancing all around. They were even barking like dogs at times and for a moment, their noises were so enormous that I wondered if maybe a larger variety of animal was up there, like raccoons? Until I saw one fly past the window on a long fall down to the top of the air-conditioner. It must be at least a 30 feet fall. I looked to see if the squirrel made it, but there was no squirrel corpse or otherwise to be seen, so I imagine the squirrel went along with its’ business, unscathed.

This past weekend, Bill took me to The House on the Rock. It was a drizzly and chilly, so it was a perfect day for it. I hadn’t been there in 12 years and it looked run down in contrast to the way I remembered it. We also explored Spring Green, talked to shop owners and enjoyed the views. I almost forgot what it was like to talk to a stranger without the “rush-rush-your interrupting me” vibe. Just good ol’ “how’s your life and where are you from” conversations from one strange human to the other.

On the way home, we ate Caribbean food.

I wish every weekend could be as carefree. I hope summer will be filled with an abundance of them. Here’s some pictures. I know they’re all mostly haunting, but so is The House On the Rock. I think we heard a ghost in there. It sounded like a dog with a reverse cough. Bill started laughing at the noise, and we ran through the maze of corridors to see what was making it, but there was no dog or any person that could have sounded like a dog to be found. Maybe there was a dog in between the walls, but we like to think it was a ghost, one of the ghosts that inhabits a strange doll or carrousel pony…most likely a carrousel pony.

If you have any suggestions on strange, haunted and folksy hide-a-ways to visit, would you let me know? I’m charting out a map of places to see, maybe one is in your neck of the woods? I can swing by your house on the way for tea.

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6 Responses to Tap Dancing Squirrels Leaping From the Sky

  1. J. says:

    Hi Anna!
    Have you ever read American Gods by Neil Gaiman? In it he writes that roadside attractions are meeting places of the Gods, with House on the Rock being a very important and power ful place. It is a great book – you should check it out.

    • Sweet, thanks! I just Kindled it, it sounds like my kind of book. I was searching for a good read to start the summer, and since I’m pretty much stuck in this region of the world for now, it will be nice to take a road trip in my mind with this story. I’m super-appreciative of your suggestion. Now that I’ve found a book to read, I can stop watching Magnum P.I. so much, even though I love Magnum P.I.

  2. Casey says:

    HEY Anna!

    I remember the House on the Rock, I haven’t been in over 7 years when I went with my Ex. I remember we went I think in the Fall? We probably did some hiking around there too. I do remember though I had a cast on my foot, and they told him to “Rent a wheelchair for me” lol, I had crutches and it was before Jesse was trained, and Willy Wonka his Predecessor was older pretty much in retirement! lol! We had Ice cream there. I remember the carosel, And the statues and stuff.

    I also remember the long hallway that Bill is standing it, the part that dangles over the rocks. I remember when the wind blew the Platform swayed! Yikes Personally that creeped me out!

    I have 2 books one is Trips on a gallon of gas (yeah right!) from Milwaukee (day trips) and the other one is on Hiking trails! 🙂


  3. Laurie says:

    I also haven’t been to House on the Rock for a while, but I can remember it from your photos. I wouldn’t have minded if you left out the picture of that spooky bald guy with fat red lips, though. I’m going to have nightmares tonight!

  4. I also love to visit haunted places! There is a fantastic book about haunted places in Wisconsin — but I left it at my cabin so I can’t remember any of the places off the top of my head. I’ll be going up there in a few weeks. I’ll get back to you!

    • Are you at the cabin? If so, hope you’re enjoying as it is amazingly beautiful out now. They say it’s going to be a cold summer, but if it stays just like this, I will be so happy. Perfect weather for ghost hunting.

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