My Corner of the World

This is the sunroom in my apartment. It used to be used for storage, but I got rid of enough stuff to be able to house my favorite objects in here, and I come here for inspiration and to get away.

Today, I brought all my journals in and will organize them so that I can flip through for ideas on future posts and stories. My plants will be coming out here soon as well.

It’s freezing in here in the winter, so I had blankets to keep me warm. The sunroom lets in just enough fresh air to invigorate the senses.

Have you ever eaten a Cadbury Egg? I haven't.

Now, with the spring, I can box the blankets away, open the windows and dust up a bit. The umbrella shade might be moved to the front porch, we’ll see.

It looks amazing at night, with all the lights on and candles lit. I will post some nighttime pictures soon.

My orchid plant recently bloomed, which makes me happy, and a few pansies came up out of nowhere. Where did you come from little pansies? I didn’t put you there.

I call this room Cape Cod. I’ve never been there, but it reminds me of Cape Cod for some reason. I think I was conceived there.

Anyone want to go to Cape Cod with me? It’s right outside my back door. This is where I’ll be tonight, if you feel inclined to join me. Bring whiskey and all will be well. Do you have a corner of the world?

View of pear tree outside in bloom.

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5 Responses to My Corner of the World

  1. Laurie says:

    Since I live alone, my whole place can be considered my little corner of the world – that is, if it’s okay with Toby that I am there. But, you know what? I like the little corner idea and I’m going to find one to call my own during the summer. It will be something outdoors that I can enjoy in warm weather.


    • That sounds nice Laurie. Although I like living with Bill better than living by myself, I do miss how it feels to have your own place. If it’s messy, you have no one to be frustrated with but yourself, and when it’s neat and quaint and quiet, it’s so inspiring and cozy. Please post up pics of your corner. I’d love to see it. Bill loved your business card. He was inspired to draw a cartoon from it, and I’m going to ask if I can scan it and email it to you. It’s funny. He loved Toby’s glasses.


  2. Colleen says:

    Everyone needs their little corner. My dad had his garage, my mom her sewing closet. I’ve claimed the loft area above the foyer because the light there is perfect for reading and thinking. (Do you need good light for thinking?) I placed a Craigslist find, a Cleopatra style chaise lounge. Love it in the morning with coffee or in the evening with Crowne Royale.


  3. Nichole says:

    Having a private creative space is very important. A few years ago, I had a small writing loft but it got too expensive and I found myself not spending as much time in the space as I had originally planned. So I moved my space to a small area in my basement – near the laundry room of all places. It turned out to be a lovely space with little distraction. I need to spend time sprucing it up a bit and adding a little more creativity in the area.

    Your space is great….enjoy !!


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