Craigslist Crazies

Psychotherapist: Can someone tell me what the problem is?

Me: She’s depressed.

Psychotherapist: (glances over the patient) Well, that’s obvious. Is there a history of depression in the family?

Me: (looks at Mom for an answer)

Mom: (looks back at Me and points) Yes, she has a history of being depressed too.


Update on Mom. Her forgetfulness is linked to her lack of sleep which is caused by depression.

She insists she’s not crazy.

I insist that being depressed has nothing to do with being crazy.

It is stressed that we need to take the necessary steps to get Mom into a living environment that is not so overwhelming.

I look around her house, at the crooked books scattered on the shelves, the beautiful china in the curio cabinet that never gets used anymore and agree, it is very overwhelming.

Mom refuses to take any medication to alter her mood. We will just have to attempt to sort through the remnants and improve her quality of life.

Looks like it’s going to be a summer of Craigslist and garage sales and then whatever’s left will be donated. I hope to persevere without too much resistance.

I posted some items of my own to sell this morning. It doesn’t take long at all. Now I just have to hope for buyers.

Coach Bag

Kate Spade Bag

Unique High-Heel Purse

Campus Frye Boots

Yes, I know, I still have the Frye boots. Turns out the consignment store won’t pay much for them, so I’ve decided to give it a go on my own before bringing them back there.

My last experience with Craigslist was very undesirable. I didn’t play my cards right and ended up becoming victim of identity fraud. Very stupid mistakes were made on my part. I hope to be smarter this time and not invite criminals up into my apartment even though they rudely honked their horn outside my house instead of coming to the door. He looked young and innocent. He wasn’t. His mother called and asked me what her son was doing with my SIM card.

How was I supposed to know? I just sold him a phone lady.

Then, the kid called and asked to borrow $5,000.00. When I didn’t loan it to him (I wondered what made him think I had that kind of money to begin with) he stole every penny I had from my checking account.

From now on, I’ll meet prospective buyers at the coffee shop. And they should be able to spell and address me as something other than “hey” (silent ‘h’).

Have you met any Crazies on Craigslist?

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