Falling Into Grace

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I spent the weekend in Chicago and participated in workshop on hoop dancing led by Brecken Rivara.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself…immersed into the moments.

I won’t go into the technical details, I can’t even wrap my mind around half of it, so I’m focusing on the simplest aspects of what I learned. When I’m ready, I might be able to splay into it more deeply.

Spilling over the top; that’s what I learned this weekend. Spilling over the top, falling, and letting the momentum of the fall pick you back up and over. Letting the fluidity of the moment carry your dance, look up, surrender to the fall, ripple effects, chain reactions.

I returned home last night, sunk into a deep sleep and woke up sick.

Nothing like a phone full of messages to wake up to:

Nurses- confirming appointments for Mom

Mom- confused and distressed about which doctor she’s supposed to go to

Mechanic- solemnly declaring that my truck has reached the end of its life

I listen and spill over.

I’m falling.

Too tired to fight the fall.

Circular cycle.

We live in a world of grids and boxes.

In nature, there are no straight lines.


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4 Responses to Falling Into Grace

  1. Craig Mattson says:

    This is very inspiring! Mirrors my not really actualized philosophy, but the spirit of it is wonderful. Thanks!


  2. Lovely sentiments and stunning photos!


  3. Anna, you rock. What’s funny is your words aren’t cluttered at all.


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