Welcome Home Wally

I had a tiny set back. I’m not supposed to buy anything I don’t need, but the other day I treated myself to a $5.00 spending spree at a secondhand shop, so the set back was bound to happen.

Right when I entered the store, there staring at me with the saddest eyes, was Wally. I picked up his deranged teardrop shape. He was marked at 25 cents. Poor guy. He looked so lonely. My friend who frequents the shop reported he’d been there forever. I looked over his lumpy body. He’s a seal. I love seals. Someone made him out of fleece printed with ranch hands and barbed wire on it. Interesting. I put him back down and rummaged through the store.

I tried on the most adorable shorts that will never fit me (too small), and tossed around the idea of buying a brand new pair of bright yellow patent leather clogs from Sweden. I found an old vanity case that I could use for…I don’t know yet, something, and a wooden drying rack for 50 cents. I decided to call it a day and was heading to the cash register when my friend, the devil’s helper herself, uttered, “Your gonna leave him here?” and she pointed over to the rancher seal. There he was, looking at me with his sad face. I picked him up. I couldn’t leave him. His shape fit perfectly in my arms. It would pain me knowing his orange eyes would be staring out at me as I left the store; another hopeful rancher seal owner, gone.

He had a note tied around his neck. He was made by someone in jail. It kind of wigged me out, just a little. I wondered what crime the incarcerated toy maker committed to be sentenced to time. I wondered if maybe the prisoner looked like the seal, inadvertently, the way artists usually end up painting self portraits and such. If so, the creator is depressed and bumpy with a large head and a mustache.

When I got home and pulled him out of the bag to show Bill, I was happy that he liked him too and welcomed him with open arms into our family. Wally will be getting a bath today, going in the washing machine with a dark load of laundry.

Last evening, I showed Wally to my future sister-in-law, Barb. I said, “Doesn’t he just look so sad? Like he’s never been loved before. He needs love.” Barb, who knows I’m trying to de-clutter, suggested I give Wally to her Boston Terrier, Spider. She said Spider would give Wally all the love he needs. Images of Spider playing “kill-a-rabbit” with Wally popped into my head and I was alarmed. I can’t do that, not with this face.

Would you be able to give Wally to a dog?

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9 Responses to Welcome Home Wally

  1. Devils Helper says:

    Wally might be worth alot of money.Possibly Jeffery Dahmers craft project?Whats the word for giving human emotions to inanimate things? I also suffer from that psycosis.I bought a $2.00 stuffed muskrat from a flea market.Her name is Millie.I love her.


  2. Devils Helper says:

    Addendum to previous comment.My friend just showed me a picture of a dessicated cat found in a abandoned warehouse.I’ll be obtaining it. His name is Dusty.


  3. Colleen says:

    I don’t think Wally should be a plaything for the dog. If he spoke to you on some level in the thrift store, he should be given a place of honor in your home (if only temporarily). I have a few odd castoffs that bring me smiles. It’s only when the smiles start to fade that I rotate these things out for someone else to enjoy.


  4. Bergie Powers says:

    I say let the dog love Wally! Also, yell at your friends for being naughty enablers!


  5. Laurie says:

    No! Take Wally back from the dog! He’s adorable and cleaned up really well. Cleaning clutter is great, but it’s still okay to love a “useless” object.

    By the way, I am getting nothing done these days because I find your stories so fun to read, I keep reading them over and over. I love your writing voice!


    • Thanks Laurie, you just gave a girl goose-bumps! I’m a big fan of your writing as well; I’ve been showing your blog to others and they laugh just as hard as I do. I’m seriously excited to see where your blog takes you.


  6. Spider received Wally, but hasn’t treated him like his usual stuffed animals. So far, Wally is safe. I would agree that the seal’s face looks sad. But so does Spider’s. I guess I’m used to seeing sad-looking faces. 🙂


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