The Forbidden Fruit Has Bones

Last night I dreamt I was someplace warm. I was surrounded with beautiful colors and the sound of birds. There were fruit vendors selling a strange fruit I had never seen before. I asked one vendor what it was.

He held it up and gently handled it with both of his hands and explained, “This fruit takes a long time to ripen into sweetness.” It was big and green with curves like those on a pumpkin. “These days, people want things easy and fast and that’s what makes this fruit so rare. They don’t understand, but you know what to do with this.” He handed it to me. I dug right into its fleshy meat. It was messy. I looked hideous eating it, tossing the bones all over the place. I had to excuse myself from the presence of others, it was such a barbaric act, the eating of this fruit.

Maybe I’ll try to sneak a nap in today and see if I can make my way back to that warm place and have a second helping of that boney melon. It felt so good to soak up the sun.

What did you dream about last night?

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6 Responses to The Forbidden Fruit Has Bones

  1. apogeantide says:

    Hilarious! What an awesome dream. I think is carries a message for you. That you know how to appreciate things, and that you give it your all, even when you need to be vulnerable to do so, it doesn’t hold you back.

    Beautiful. I don’t remember my dreams from last night- I woke up often and had a restless night.

  2. Bergie Powers says:

    I dreamed that I had 2 sets of eyebrows. One set made me look angry. One set made me look surprised. I had to decide which set to keep or I would be forced to shave all of my eyebrows off.
    I just couldn’t decide which feeling I wanted to wear on my face for the rest of my life.
    Then I woke up. I think that the stress of making such a big decision forced my body out of sleep.

  3. Casey says:

    I know this is a little late, but a couple nights ago I woke myself up yelling out loud “Don’t fall out of bed Jesse, Don’t fall out of Bed Jesse” I heard my voice trailing off, I felt my Restless leg syndrome kicking and “THUD” I heard My dog Jesse fall on the floor! :-O OMG I hate to even admit it but I think I kicked him out of bed, because he sometimes falls out of bed but always lands on his feet, this time he didn’t. I fell back asleep but I was feeling guilty to so I woke up and found him snuggled in on my otherside where he couldn’t fall out of bed (puppy crate on other side) and I whispered to him “i’m so sorry I think I kicked you out of bed!” He licked me, sighed and continued to slumber.

    I haven’t woken myself up like that since I used to be a cashier in college and would ask consistently “Paper or plastic” I said it so often and exactly the same that ppl mimicked me, and I said it in my sleep! Often times jumping up thinking I was late for work! LOL

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