Boots Get the Boot!



Damn these boots. I spent a year obsessing over getting a pair the year I decided that my chunky platform heels were not going to cut it anymore. The search began and thankfully, because of technology this time around, I didn’t have to wander aimlessly from store to store, hoping to run into the perfect match, a destiny few rarely find, and when you do, you come home to find your neighbor is wearing the same pair.

Every moment I had to spare, was Googling “boots + leather + weathered + brown + round toe + flat”.

I debated going Western; I imagined myself on a dusty road, angled in a sexy pose with a floral skirt, with my boots. I wanted something I could wear with a fancy dress to a wedding, and make the statement: I’m a Bad Ass Motha-F.

So, these kept coming around my searches: Campus Frye boots. I won’t admit to how much I paid for them, but I’ll clue you in that they costed more than my rent. I put them on credit and had them sent, just to make certain they were as awesome as I imaginged they would be, and they were. I slid them on and ran around the house, with every intent on returning them. And then, I did what I never should have done, I ran out of the house, onto the concrete and out for the evening. There was no turning back. But @#%*, these are the most uncomfortable boots EVER. And they have no traction, and my foot slides off the clutch when I’m driving, sending the car into a bouncey-lurch-stall.

I hate them. I put them on one last time. I look fantastic. Dammit. Someone get these off of me. I’ll sell them for half of what I paid. You pay shipping. 5  1/2 brown leather Campus Frye. That’s all I have to say.

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9 Responses to Boots Get the Boot!

  1. Laurie says:

    You should have done one more search: Campus Frye boots + retail stores + Milw area… I hope you can cut your losses by selling them on eBay or something. Or maybe the landlady will accept them as next month’s rent? In any case, this was fun to read. We’ve all been there!


  2. jen says:

    LOL! We have all done it-bought the shoes that we probably shouldn’t have, only to realize that damned if they aren’t as functionable as we thought and they end up collecting dust in our closet. The boots look great, but if you don’t wear them then it is good that you are looking to get rid of them, if only I didn’t skis instead of feet (sigh)…
    When people ask me what my shoe size is I just reply with one word-“JUMBO”
    =) Great post!


  3. A fun read! Maybe Nancy Sinatra could update her song. New version: “These Boots Are Definitely Not Made For Walkin’.”


  4. Shaia says:

    Take ’em to Re-Threads! They always buy boots, and would jump all over Frye boots.


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